From 1986 through 2003, Bruce increased the size of his herds, tended his father’s cropland and purchased additional land. In order to keep his farm going he also had a shop where he did small engine repairs. I met Bruce in 2003, and we married in 2004.

After 25 years of raising buffalo, we made the decision to sell the buffalo herd in 2011. Experiencing good increases in the number of Beefalo that we have been selling as meat over the past few years, we decided to expand the Beefalo herd and are also adding some Bison Hybrids. A Bison Hybrid is similar to a Beefalo although it has a higher percentage of buffalo in it. Whereas a Fullblood Beefalo is 3/8ths (37.5%) bison, a Bison Hybrid is over 37.5% bison. Some of our Bison Hybrids are over 50% bison.

Together, our goal is to make sure that our back-to-basics, sustainable farming practices are not forgotten and encourage others to come back to this way of farming. That is why we started working on ways to get the word out about the excellent quality and great taste of our meat. And although we would prefer to keep everything in our lives as simple, uncomplicated and natural as possible, the idea of this website appeared to be the best way to reach the people most interested in the same quality products and values that we have.

We hope that you will try and enjoy our meat products and spread the word to your family and friends that there truly is an affordable alternative to mass-produced, confinement raised, food products.  And we also hope you will take a little time out of your busy life to read about the plight of small farms all over the country and do whatever you can to help ensure that they don’t disappear.

Our Beefalo, Bison Hybrids, Katahdin Lambs, Red Wattle Pigs and poultry including Midget White Turkeys are not pushed from birth to your dinner table using artificial growth hormones to speed their maturation time. We raise the majority of our own crops including open pollinated corn, oats, & alfalfa hay as naturally as possible, taking care to use only our own chemical/antibiotic-free composted manure as fertilizer. We have also chosen to avoid genetically modified seeds whose effect on the food chain has still not been established.

All of our animals are free to graze in their pasture areas, get plenty of sunshine and fresh air and humane treatment. None are confined to concrete buildings or cramped quarters.

Through our natural farming practices, we hope to provide our customers with only the best quality, healthiest Beefalo, Bison Hybrids, Katahdin Lambs, heritage breed Red Wattle Hog, Midget White Turkeys and poultry meat products available on the market today, encouraging all to be able to live a healthier, longer life.

What to Expect When You Come to See Us

A friendly greeting.

We want you to feel at home when you come to our farm.


Genuine concern.

We will treat you with respect and dignity and want to help you to make healthy choices.


Caring for all.

Our goal is to provide healthy meat to all who come to us. We truly care about our customers and their health.

Who We Are