Breeding Stock Ads


BEEFALO BREEDING STOCK FOR SALE:  We have 2 breeding age cows that have been exposed to a bull (grandson of HB-400) since August 1, 2018, for sale. Both have raised excellent calves yearly.  Pickup to be in November 2018. These beefalo cows cannot/will not be registered. We also have Bison Hybrid heifers and bull calves for sale - see our ad on Bison Hybrid Breeding Stock page.  If interested, please contact Bruce M. in Elysian, MN at 507-931-1889 or email at for more information and pictures. 



BEEFALO BREEDING STOCK FOR SALE:  Fullblood beefalo cows bred to calve in August and September 2018. Also fullblood beefalo heifers that are approximately 8 months old.  All are registered or can be.  I am selling these to reduce my herd.  I have more than I have room for.  Contact Thomas L. in Rockvale, TN at 615-542-5201 or email at [040918-BBS01]


BEEFALO BREEDING STOCK FOR SALE:  For sale as a breeder bull only.  20 month old Beefalo Bull (37% bison). Sire is Beefalo/Scheifelbien Angus (25% bison).  Dam is Bison Hybrid (49% bison).  Very quiet.  Pictures upon request.  Asking $1500.  Buyer pays all shipping costs and required testing if needed.  Contact Mike D. in Cosmos, MN at 320-583-7636 or email at  [053117-BBS01]


BEEFALO BREEDING STOCK FOR SALE:  1 fullblood open heifer born spring 2016 $1,200. (#217 Red- white face).-- 2 fullblood bulls born fall 2015 $2,000 ea. (#187,white), (#184,Orange tint).--1 purebred bull born Spring 2016 $1,800, (#197,Gray). -- 1 Purebred bull born fall 2016  (#231 ,Red-white Paint). All animals can be registered with ABA.   contact  Andy D.  A&K Ranch, 9640 Splitlimb Road, Raymondville, MO 65555, Ranch/Home: 573-674-1262  Cell # 908-581-8644 Email:  [110717-BBS01]


NEW BEEFALO GENETICS bred down thru unrelated Bison bloodlines. Group of gentle Registered 2 yr old 43.75% Bison cows bred to a Reg. 31.25% 3 yr old gentle black Bison Bull. They will produce 1st generation Beefalo. Cows are grey, black and one blk baldy. Calving now. Some will eat out of your hand. Call Mike S in Watkinsville, Ga. 706-769-7820 or email  [111517-BBS01]