Beefalo Meat or Feeder Animal Ads

BEEFALO MEAT FOR SALE:  Beefalo burger bundles packaged in 1 lb. bags and available in quantities of 40 lb. boxes.   Processed at a custom processor, this meat is available for residents of Minnesota only.  Price is $5.99 / lb. finished weight and includes all processing fees. (Compare our price for this wonderful lean, healthy pasture raised meat to grass-fed beef in the grocery store!) Pickup is at our farm or at our butcher located in south central MN.   A $75 non-refundable deposit is required for each order.  We also sell Beefalo by quarters/halves/whole animals.  See our website for more details and availability.  Contact Beth M. in Elysian, MN at (507) 931-1889 or email at  Visit our website for more details. [1-1-20BM-01]