Beefalo Meat or Feeder Animal Ads

BEEFALO MEAT/FEEDER ANIMALS FOR SALE:  We have been breeding Black Angus Beefalo since 1958. Located in central Illinois, I currently have some nice males for sale.  Several bulls that would be 25-35% bison and range in ages from 9 months to 3 years of age.  Also feeder steers and a few "close to finished" steers as well.  Bulls priced upon request.  Meat animals sell at about $3/lb. live weight depending on age and weight.  Call William G. in Jacksonville, IL for pricing and info at         (217) 833-2802 or email at   [010417BMFA01]


BEEFALO MEAT ANIMALS FOR SALE:   Percentage Beefalo Meat Animals always available for sale at various ages and sizes. You pick what you want. No hormones, all are receiving hay plus some grain.  Call Eric S. in Wills Point, TX (50 miles east of Dallas) for pricing and info at (214) 621-1774 or email at  [051614-BMFA01]


BEEFALO MEAT FOR SALE:  Beefalo burger bundles packaged in 1 lb. bags and available in quantities of 40 lb. boxes.   Processed at a custom processor, this meat is available for residents of Minnesota only.  Price is $5.69 / lb. finished weight and includes all processing fees. (Compare our price for this wonderful lean, healthy pasture raised meat to grass-fed beef in the grocery store!) Pickup is at our farm or at our butcher located in south central MN.   A $75 non-refundable deposit is required for each order.  We also sell Beefalo by quarters/halves/whole animals.  See our website for more details and availability.  Contact Beth M. in Elysian, MN at (507) 931-1889 or email at  Visit our website for more details. [1-1-17BM-01]