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Beefalo History

Not much has been written about the history of the Beefalo Breed, even though many fascinating events have taken place over the years since the 1950's through to the present day.  As we come across articles and information, we will place links to that information up on this website so you can read and learn more about the Beefalo Breed.  

To read about the history of the Beefalo Breed and the Foundation Bulls, click on the links below.

A Short History of the Beefalo Breed 

Foundation Bulls of the Beefalo Breed(Part I)

Foundation Bulls of the Beefalo Breed (Part II)

More Bulls that Formed the Beefalo Breed 

Nutrition Facts

Since the late 1970's, independent scientists and U.S. and Canadian government agencies have conducted various tests and studies on Beefalo meat.  We have provided a brief overview and have included some study statistics and information.  To read about this topic, click on the links below.

Beefalo Nutrition Studies

Beefalo Cooking Instructions

You Gotta Taste Beefalo Meat! 


Beefalo Breed Information

From time to time we will be adding several articles to this site that pertain to the Beefalo Breed.   If you come across an interesting article or would like to submit an article for publication on this site, please contact us.

How Beefalo differ from Buffalo (The Benefits of Beefalo)

The Bull vs. AI

Direct Marketing Your Beefalo

Niche Marketing

​We will be adding the following articles as downloads in the next few weeks - please check back with us.
Marketing Beefalo