The breed known as Beefalo, is genetically 3/8 buffalo and 5/8 beef cattle.  Due to their genetic make-up, their meat is higher in protein and lower in both cholesterol and fat than standard beef products.  These attributes coupled with their great flavor and the fact that Meyer Beefalo & Bison Hybrid Farm does not use any antibiotics or growth hormones, make them an excellent choice for the health-conscious individual.


To try some of our Beefalo meat, you can stop in at our farm store. If you wish to order our Beefalo meat by the quarter or half, you can call us or stop in at our farm store.

What makes beefalo so special? These animals are very gentle and easy to handle.  The cows calve easily and all do extremely well on grass, finishing in about 18-22 months.  Their meat is every bit as good as buffalo meat; health wise and taste wise.

This is the perfect meat and dairy animal for a small farm owner!  Below are some of the beefalo that we have raised.  For Breeding Stock available, see our Breeding Stock page. 


How Does It Taste?


 We did a blind taste test between our pasture-raised buffalo and beefalo meat and we found NO difference in taste. The pasture-raised beefalo meat tastes just like the buffalo meat!  We urge everyone to give the beefalo a try!

If that isn't enough to convince you, check out the results of the Kansas City Royal Steak Taste Testing Competition where Beefalo won the grass-finished category three years in a row over 32 other entries from around the country. For more info on this competition and the results, please visit:    

The Beefalo Breed


The Beefalo is the Buffalo's kissing cousin! And because they have those incredible Buffalo genetics, you get the best of both worlds - low cholesterol, low fat, and high protein, and all that great taste that you love about buffalo!
Check out our Beefalo Nutrition Facts Page for more great information!