Frillback Pigeons as of 7/17/21:

We have a breeding age pair of frillback pigeons available for sale.  Price $50 for the pair.  (cash only)

If interested, please contact us at 507-931-1889. 

Katahdin Hair Sheep as of 7/17/2021:

FOR SALE:  High percentage Katahdin hair sheep (small percent Dorper/Barbado) 2 ram lambs and 4 ewe lambs born between 4/20 - 5/7/21.  Some white, some with color.  All raised on pasture only, No grain, no shots. Some twins, some triplets.

    Pickup dates:              at age:            Cash only price:           

Aug 1st - Aug 31st,  13-16 weeks old     $225 per lamb

Sept 1st - Sept 30th, 17-20 weeks old    $250 per lamb

If interested in a ram lamb you must contact us and put down a deposit before July 24th.  Any ram lambs not sold by 7/24 will be castrated and no longer for sale.

All 4 Ewe lambs must all go together unless you have an established flock. If an established flock, will consider selling 2-3 together.  

Serious inquiries only, please contact us by email at:   and include

1) a phone number, 2) where you are located, 3) how long you have been raising sheep and 4) what you are looking for.  

We will then contact you to make arrangements for you to come pickup the lambs you want.  Please note:  these animals are not for meat.  Breeding stock only.

Red Wattle Hogs as of 7/17/21: 

We have a 3 year old purebred sow for sale. Born 4/29/18, has had 3 spring litters (litter sizes 7, 10, and 8 piglets).  (was not bred for fall litters).  Available for pickup now.  

We have a 1 year old sow for sale.  Born 4/24/20 just had her 1st litter of 9 on 6/23/21 and will be ready to go by beginning of August.

We have a 1 year old purebred boar born 4/2/20 available for pickup now.  He is a proven breeder.  Good disposition.  

Will sell all three together for a discounted price.  Pickup of all 3 must be in early August. 

For more information or to place a deposit on any or all 3 hogs,  please contact us at 507-931-1889 or email us at 

Beefalo and/or Bison Hybrid Breeding Stock as of 7/17/21: 

Beefalo & Bison Hybrid breeding stock NOT available at this time.  

Breeding Stock For Sale 

From time to time, we will sell some of our best animals as breeding stock. Please check with us to see what is available. For more information or to purchase breeding stock animals, please call us at (507) 931-1889 or email us at