Frillback Pigeons as of 1/21/21:

We do not currently have any breeding stock available.  Check back with us in spring 2021..

Katahdin Hair Sheep as of 1/21/2021:

We do not have any breeding stock available at this time.

Please check back with us next summer.

Red Wattle Hogs as of 1/21/21:

We have a Red Wattle purebred boar for sale DOB 4/2/20.  This breed is getting harder to find and needs to be preserved!

Asking $475. firm.   Available for pickup now.  Bring him home in January and get a litter on the ground by end of May!  If interested, please call at 507-931-1889 or email us at (Please note we do not sell feeder pigs.) 

Beefalo and/or Bison Hybrid Breeding Stock as of 1/21/21: 

Beefalo & Bison Hybrid breeding stock NOT available at this time.  

Breeding Stock For Sale 

From time to time, we will sell some of our best animals as breeding stock. Please check with us to see what is available. For more information or to purchase breeding stock animals, please call us at (507) 931-1889 or email us at