Beefalo cows: Jeannie 37.3% 7 yr,  Hailey 36.2% 4 yr

Yearling & 2 yr old Bison Hybrid Heifers available

Heritage Breed Turkeys as of 8/29/19:

Purebred Midget White turkey trio (2 hens & 1 tom) 

Available now.  Pickup at our farm in MN only.  No out of state sales/no shipping. 

These are for breeding stock purposes only as they are on the Critical List of the Livestock Conservancy and we need to get more breeding stock flocks established.  Please contact us at 507-931-1889 or email for more info.

Frillback Pigeons as of 8/7/19:

We are sold out of breeding stock for now.  If interested, check back in the spring 2020 or please contact us at 507-931-1889 or email

2 & 3 yr old Breeding age heifers available

Beefalo cow:  Sicily 46.1% 3 yr

Red Wattle Hogs as of 7/15/19:

We will not have any breeding stock available this year. (Please note we do not sell feeder pigs.)  If interested in breeding stock, please check back in summer 2020.

Beefalo and/or Bison Hybrid Breeding Stock as of 8/29/19: 

Beefalo & Bison Hybrid breeding stock available.  

Open yearling heifers and breeding age cows.

None of these animals can/will be registered. 

Pickup is at our farm.  Deposits required to hold. Contact us at 507-931-1889 or email for pricing and more info at

Breeding Stock For Sale 

From time to time, we will sell some of our best animals as breeding stock. Please check with us to see what is available. For more information or to purchase breeding stock animals, please call us at (507) 931-1889 or email us at