We are often asked if there are any discounts available when purchasing our meat products.    Our profit margins are extremely small.  We price our products so that we can make just enough to live on. Based on pricing that we see in the grocery store for similar products, we are charging much less than the competition.  We get by with a simple roof over our heads, we grow/raise 95% of all of our own food, and we do without all the technology gadgets and expensive equipment that could make our lives easier.    We ask for no discounts from utilities companies, insurance companies, the property tax collector, farm supply stores, the fuel company, the butcher, or anyone else.  We don’t receive large farm subsidies or other government handouts that are normally given to the “big farmers”.    

We are raising and selling a quality product that is chemical/antibiotic-free and healthy for you, raised in the most humane way possible, at a fair price.   Your savings comes in the fact that by eating healthier food, you will lower your medical costs now and in the future.  And that savings can be huge!  We hope that you can appreciate and be happy with what we have to offer.

Payment Methods Accepted

We currently accept Cash or Personal Check only. We do not accept debit or credit cards.