During the months of June through September only, we offer guided educational tours of our farm on a one-on-one basis (adults only, no groups or small children, please).  These tours can range from an hour to several hours depending on your interests and our available time. 

We will cover topics such as the raising and care of various species of livestock, pasture grasses and grazing options, permaculture, including nut and fruit trees for feed, the raising of other feed crops, fruit and vegetable gardening and food preservation, and many other topics including conservation and health management of the land.  As part of the tour, we will take you on a hike of our farm (proper footwear required) to highlight the topics that we are discussing. 

If interested in having a tour, please contact us via our "Contacts" page.  We would appreciate at least a week's notice to arrange a date and time suitable for all.  A free-will donation would also be appreciated at the conclusion of the tour. 

One-On-One Farm Tours