Two of our Katahdin sheep at 4 months old with their summer coats, mowing our lawn. 

Our flock of sheep relaxing in the shade in early fall.

Pasture-raising our Katahdin Lambs & Sheep

Our Katahdin lambs will be raised on pasture grasses from the time they are born until the late fall, at which time they will receive good quality grass hay and possibly some oats for energy until they are processed in early December.  We plan on leaving them on their moms for approximately 2 – 3 months before weaning them.  This will give them extra nutrition to give them the best start possible.  For breeding stock, please see our Breeding Stock page.

 Pasture raised lamb meat has a good nutrition profile compared to other types of meat such as beef or chicken, with excellent Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratios.  There are several sites listed on the internet to obtain facts about fat content, cholesterol and protein.