Sadie soaking up the sunshine while she waits for her turn at the hay feeder. 

Who would not love that face!

Katahdin Hair Sheep & Lamb

In 2015, we began our newest venture of raising Lamb meat.  After many of our customers asking if we sold lamb, we decided to do some research, select a breed and see what would happen.  We picked a "hair" sheep breed, called the Katahdin (kah-TAH-din) which originated in the state of Maine between the 1950's and 1970's.  We chose the hair sheep as we did not want to have to deal with shearing wool sheep every spring.  Hair sheep naturally shed their winter coats in the spring.  We chose the Katahdin breed of sheep because it was specifically bred to be a meat animal as opposed to a dairy or dual purpose animal, thereby allowing us to concentrate on raising them solely for their meat qualities.  To read more about these special sheep, click on the page links below. 

We never imagined that we would so much fall in love and enjoy our Katahdin sheep and lambs!  Bruce had raised some wool sheep years ago but was not impressed and stopped raising them.  When we began raising them again in 2015, we found that this breed is amazingly friendly, tame and even seeks out human contact.  They are easily handled and develop strong bonds with their care-givers, making them a delight to raise!