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Marketing Beefalo

Breaking ground into a new market is difficult even for seasoned businesses.  There is always a certain amount of uncertainty as to whether a new venture will succeed or fail, even when the best pre-marketing analysis is conducted and you have identified your target market. 

To use the Bison Niche Market model, the Bison producers had several hurdles to overcome.  The most difficult of which was that Bison meat was largely unknown.  Very few had ever tried bison meat and many had never even seen a bison except in picture books.  They were starting out at ground zero. 

This is the same problem seen by many Beefalo producers today.  Beefalo producers will tell you that educating the public as to what a Beefalo is has been probably their largest obstacle to getting the meat sold.  They know how great the meat is, but how do you convey that to the public?

The following short articles are intended to help you to effectively market your Beefalo meat.  We hope you will find them helpful and informative.

Identify and Define Your Product

Teach Them How to Prepare Beefalo Meat

Valuing Your Beefalo

Maintaining a Consistent Supply

Monitoring Beefalo Meat Quality

Alternative Marketing Ideas