We hope that you will stop by our farm to purchase some of our meat chickens (and also great tasting, free-range, pasture-based chicken eggs).  Both loaded with lots of omega-3's and both great tasting!

You can tell our chickens and eggs are pasture-raised on grasses from their bright yellow color!

We have been raising chickens for their egg laying abilities and also for their meat for years.  We experimented with many different breeds of chickens that we purchased from hatcheries but never quite found just the right breed, so several years ago, we began cross-breeding and have come up with a very tasty meat chicken that grows at a natural and modest rate, reaching maturity at approximately 3 - 4 months of age.  At that time, hens will dress out at 3.5 - 4.5 lbs. and the roosters will dress out at 4 - 5.5 lbs., with an amazing amount of meat and firm texture.  

As our meat chickens are hatched here on the farm from our own breeding stock chickens, we don't begin the process of incubating and hatching them until early March so that when they are old enough to be feathered out and ready to begin foraging, the spring grasses will be growing and ready for them.  

We begin the harvesting process is in early June and we end our growing/harvesting season by end of October. We try to raise extras every year that we can sell through the winter months into the following spring, but seem to sell every last one of them in short order and rarely have extras by the time we get to December.   So we encourage you to order ahead, using the Order Form listed on our Order Form Page.

These birds are exceptionally good foragers and are pasture raised out with our Beefalo herd, eating all sorts of grasses, insects and scratching through the soil for minerals and other nutrients.  We also feed them some of our organically grown (not certified) corn and small grains. 

We process our meat chickens here at our farm, chilling them out in ice water in refrigerators for 24 hours prior to vacuum packing and freezing them.  Once frozen, they are ready for pickup at either our main farm.