Breeding Stock Availability

If you interested in purchasing any breeding stock, please go to our "Breeding Stock" page for more info and availability.

Most of our Red Wattle hogs are sold as meat through our direct marketing business in south central Minnesota.  We have a large number of faithful customers that have purchased our pork for many years.  This is a testament to the quality and flavor of our meat.  Our Red Wattles are raised on pasture.  So for much of the year, they are eating grasses and alfalfa in addition to field peas and rape (a type of cabbage).

In addition, year-round, they receive a diet consisting of corn raised on our land without the use of any chemicals and a natural mineral supplement. They are not fed any animal-by-products or empty-calorie fillers.If you would like to try some of our Red Wattle pork, please go to the Meat Products page of this website for more information.

​​You can be assured that we will select only the best Red Wattles to be sold as breeding stock, choosing to cull out lesser quality animals for our direct meat business.  Your patience is required as we will not sell our breeding stock until it is old enough to properly evaluate it.  This may mean that we will not sell them until they are over three to four months old.  As such, you should expect to pay more for these older pigs as we have several months of feed and care provided.  Cute, pretty babies don't always grow into long, lean, well-defined breeding stock and animal temperaments sometimes don't begin to emerge until later in their development.  We make sure that we handle all Red Wattle piglets as much as possible so that they are socialized to humans. We know the lineage of all of our animals and can provide you with a printout of their family tree, if desired.

Red Wattle Hogs

Red Wattle Hogs have long been known for their slightly darker, lean, flavorful meat. In addition, they are recognizable by their dark reddish colored skin and the skin flaps that hang down from their jawline on either side.     

Our Red Wattle hogs have been raised on our farm in outdoor pastured areas since the 1990's.  Much of our breeding stock was registered through the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) dating as far back as 2002 when the ALBC took over the registry and monitoring of this wonderful but endanger breed.  Our Red Wattles heritage can be traced back to the original H.C. Wenglar breeding stock.