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You Gotta Taste Beefalo Meat! 

No one will dispute that broccoli is good for you, has all those lovely nutrients and fiber, etc.  But there are many who just can’t get past the taste of it.  And it has been widely known and documented over the years!  Often, it has to be buried under a mound of cheese or drown in butter to be tolerable by some.

This is just not the case with Beefalo meat!  Yes, it is certainly very good for you and if you read all of the nutrition studies, you will plainly see that it has been well documented over the years.  But what about the taste?

According to Bruce Meyer, who has raised both Buffalo (25 years) and Buffalo for over 30 years, it is great!  His pasture raised Beefalo meat tastes nearly identical to his pasture raised Buffalo meat, having a slightly sweeter, richer taste than regular beef, but without tasting gamy. And just out of curiosity, he and his wife conducted a blind taste test and neither one could tell the difference.  Over the past few years, Bruce says that the demand for his Beefalo has increased so much that in 2011, he sold off his bison herd and is working on increasing his Beefalo herd to meet the demand for the meat, which has been outselling his bison meat 4 to 1.

Now, maybe you are saying that they are prejudiced.  But there are many other examples of personal testimonies on record that say that the taste is wonderful.  It is the added bonus of Beefalo meat. If you look at the Central Washington University Beefalo Study, the twelve participants all ranked the bison hybrid’s meat superior to regular beef in juiciness, tenderness, flavor, color and preference, with only one preferring beef and the rest either equally liking or preferring the Beefalo meat.

Throughout Beefalo’s short history, many have tried it and have praised it. In the February 1985 issue of Gourmet magazine, Evans Jones, in his article, The American Scene, let it be known that he served some of his guests Beefalo steaks, who upon finishing their meals stated, “they liked the steaks better than any they could buy in the supermarkets.”

Some Beefalo lovers have been so impressed by the meat that they began raising Beefalo for their own consumption and to sell.  One such individual was Donald J. Grable, from northwest Missouri.  Back in the early 1980’s, he heard about Beefalo and wanted to try it.  It took several years before he could find any.  And when he did locate it at a farm about 40 miles away, Don purchased some, loved it and went back for more.   He started his own herd of Beefalo in 1983 and butchered his first Beefalo in the summer of 1984.   In a letter that he wrote (published in The American Beefalo Cattleman magazine, Winter 1989), he stated,  “when we have a guest in for a meal, we always feed them beefalo. Everybody enjoys the beefalo and brags about the sweet taste of the meat.  Then they ask where they can get a beefalo to butcher.  The beefalo meat is the best tasting meat I have ever eaten.  It is better than any beef you ever tasted. Beefalo is the meat of the future.”

This meat has even made converts of some in the medical profession.  Dr. Kevin Keown from Jesup, GA, was one such convert.  In an article published in the August, 1990 Beefalo Corral Newsletter, Dr. Keown at first thought that the claims about the meat were too good to be true and that “it can’t possibly taste good”.  But after trying Beefalo meat, he stated that his family has not eaten regular beef. But Dr. Keown went beyond just the great taste of the meat.  He became a true convert of the meat because of the great nutritional qualities as well.  Suffering from a hiatal hernia as many people do, he said that fat in meat increases acid production in the stomach, making symptoms of a hiatal hernia worse.  In addition, gall bladder attacks are made worse by ingesting fat.  “Dr. Keown adds that he has had no digestive problems after eating Beefalo” and “He has seen a considerable reduction in his cholesterol count” as well.

We could go on and on with more testimonials as to the great flavor of Beefalo meat, but we would prefer if everyone would simply taste test it for yourself.  We are sure you will enjoy this wonderfully sweet, rich meat!