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Marketing Beefalo - Teach Them How To Prepare Beefalo

Now you have their interest.  Now they want to try some of the meat.  This brings us to the next hurdle that the bison industry was faced with.  It was the problem of how to cook the meat.  

The bison industry also had the problem of how “physically” different bison meat was from regular beef. Because of the fact that bison meat is so lean, it is very easy to over-cook it.  If the meat is over-cooked, it becomes tough and very dry; not what anyone would want to eat, so the producers had to work out cooking instructions that would be simple to use and easy to understand that would result in moist, tender meat every time. 

Beefalo meat is so similar to Bison meat that the same problem exists for Beefalo producers.  Again, a handout is a great promotional tool. [The author of this article has done the work and you can download a copy of Beefalo Cooking Instructions to use for free.] 

Whenever someone asks about Beefalo meat or purchases it for the first time, it is a great idea to give them a Cooking Instructions Guide to Cooking Beefalo.  And just on the off chance that they won’t read it, it is also a good idea to verbally give them a few tips on cooking the meat so that it will be moist and tender.

​Remember, the customer is not going to try the meat a second time if he/she doesn’t like it the first time.  The goal here is to get them to come back for more so it is important that their first experience cooking and eating the meat is pleasurable.