We are open year-round to sell our free-range chicken eggs at our main farm house located at 47742 - 241st Avenue, Elysian, MN. See our "Contacts" page for directions

The main farm will be open Tuesdays - Saturdays from 10 am - 4 pm.  Please call ahead for an appointment (24 hours is appreciated).  We are closed on Sundays & Mondays. 

Our 1800's Farm Store

Open from 2006 - 2018

Located at 47282 Beaver Dam Rd.,  Elysian, MN

Main Farm Hours

Our Main Farm House

Look for a white sign at the end of our driveway that reads

"Meyer Beefalo Farm"

Located at 47742 - 241st Ave. Elysian, MN

In the winter months, please make sure to call ahead at 507-931-1889 to make sure we are home and that the driveway is plowed and accessible to you.

The 1800's Farm Store

Below is a picture of our 1800’s style farm store which we opened in 2006 and sold our retail meat cuts from it until 2018!  We no longer sell our meat in retail cuts.  Instead, we sell all our meat by quarter, half or whole animal.  To order our Beefalo, Red Wattle hogs, Katahdin lambs, roasting chickens and turkeys via advance order only, please go to our "Meat Products Available" page.  

You can still purchase our free-ranged chicken eggs year-round by coming to our main farm house located at 47742 - 241st Avenue.  We will also have roasting chickens and turkeys available seasonally.

Please see our "Meat Products Available" page for more details. 

We wish to thank all who have supported our Farm Store and got our name out there to the public.